PRM Mediation
PRM Mediation

In divorce and separation
kids shouldn’t have to choose.

Let us help you choose the best
financial and parenting outcome.

PRM Mediation

Did you know that managers spend
60% of their time managing conflict?

With conflict coaching, create opportunity,
productivity, and a healthy workplace.

PRM Mediation

From the back seat to the driver’s
seat, guarantee your outcome.

Choose the best direction.
Choose mediation.

Corporate Mediation

Corporate Mediation

Unresolved, mismanaged or litigated corporate conflict and disputes will negatively impact company profits, customer service, corporate culture, employee morale and productivity. Conflict management training and coaching of managers and employees and mediating disputes before they reach litigation with lawyers mitigate the negative impacts of disputes and instead turn conflict into opportunity.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce and Separation

Don’t be a victim. Take control. Reduce your stress, cost and time spent on your separation and divorce by avoiding battles between divorce lawyers. Become an empowered decision maker, guarantee your financial and parenting outcome and put your children first by mediating a settlement. Mediation allows couples to find creative solutions that maximizes the net worth of both parties and fosters amicable co-parenting.

Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation

With an aging population, Elder Care is the number one social issue. Disparate views regarding what is the best quality care for an elderly person, when it should be given and how it is delivered often leads to conflict between family members, care providers and the elder person. Mediation strengthens family relationships not destroy them and keeps the focus on the care of the elderly person.

Choosing Mediation
over Lawyers

Neutral Third Party ∙ Calming Presence ∙ Strategic Plan ∙ Creative Resolutions

Conflict mediation is an affordable alternative dispute resolution method of resolving conflict in both family and corporate matters outside of the traditional more adversarial legal system or courtroom where you decide the outcome, instead of a judge.

PRM Mediation brings two conflicting parties to the table, along with a professional mediator. It is the role of the mediator to act as a neutral third party to hear both sides of the story to be able to determine the root cause of the conflict and then to create a future-based plan as determined by both parties with optimal outcomes for all concerned. Clients can be spared the traumatic experience of having to go to court or be subjected to drawn out legal exchanges – between divorce lawyers or corporate lawyers – which in the long run not only saves dignity, but also time and money and does not do irreparable harm to reputations and relationships. Both parties work with a mediator as participants rather than combatants to formulate a resolution agreement which is workable and helps optimize wealth and create a win-win for both.

PRM Mediation Focuses on Areas Where the Highest Incidence of Conflict Occurs

In divorce and separation, our mediation has a focus on protecting children by creating workable parenting plans which include housing, child support, visitation and custody as well as future-based planning for children’s ongoing needs including education. Division of Net Family Property includes restructuring debt, minimizing taxes and balancing liquidity between couples. We work hand in hand with Divorce Lawyers to finalize separation agreements.

In Elder Care, a delicate balance is needed in transitioning roles and responsibilities. Assessing living situations, day-to-day activities and finding the best options for an elder person can be difficult for family members. Situations are further complicated by second marriages and step children. Care providers and agencies have legal and legislative responsibilities in providing their services which can be compromised or challenged when conflict occurs. We work with all stakeholders to find a solution in the best interests of the elder person and avoid the cost and trauma of a legal battle with lawyers – especially for the elder person.

In corporate conflict, our aim is to provide management and employees with the skills and tools to proactively resolve internal and external conflict and change it into an opportunity for growth, innovation and success. Where necessary we mediate a resolution. How a company resolves issues is closely observed by the rest of the organization and its customers.

Conflict if not managed well can reverberate through…

…an organization, families and last for generations leaving people in emotional and financial ruin. Instead you can leave behind a legacy of harmony, peace and order. Mary Krauel, senior mediator for PRM Mediation describes in this video how she uses mediation in conflict resolution by addressing the greatest human need – to be heard and understood. That it is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is about providing the mechanism for people to have a voice and be heard allowing resolution to occur.

What clients are saying

“Thank you for all your hard work, patience and support.”


“I hope your business is thriving and growing well. I have recommended you to a number of people. Your help is appreciated – helping folks reduce their financial exposure, make sound choices and be on the road to recovering from loss.”


“My husband and I met Mary Krauel when we were in the process of separating after a twenty-nine year marriage. Mary showed us how we could indeed deal with this difficult, emotional and life-altering situation with dignity, and negotiate with each other in good faith. For someone considering separation and/or divorce, I would highly recommend mediation. I do not believe you could find a mediator more competent, gracious and knowledgeable than Mary. She made our experience as amicable as possible and we are both very thankful and appreciative.”


“Mary, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me (and my husband).  I feel like 50 lbs have been taken off my shoulders.  You are a wonderful, wonderful moderator.  I finally feel like there is hope going forward.”


“Mary has guided me through an extremely difficult separation.  I was grateful to work with someone with such attention to detail and who was professional and empathetic at the same time.  Through the process there has been a limited amount of time required from lawyers.  She is very dedicated to her clients and I would highly recommend her.  Thanks Mary.


“No other avenue and/or person has done what Mary Krauel has done for us during our uphill battle of our divorce process. Mary helped us eliminate conflict and bitterness with each other during the parenting plan phase and helped us to focus on the main priority: our children. Mary helped us reach our goal of communicating and negotiating respectfully…and helped guide us to a more peaceful and fair resolution. I have and will continue to recommend Mary to anyone in the same situation so they do not have to experience what I went through with a lawyer/court. THANK YOU and my children thank you too as they see a more friendly relationship between their mom and dad!

Nancy C.
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