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About Mary Krauel, PRM Mediation

mary_headshotMary Krauel


Mediator – Conflicts and Disputes in Business, Separation and Divorce, Elder Care│Keynote Speaker│Business Coach

Certificate Conflict Resolution, Certificate Strategic Change Management
Owner and Senior Negotiator/Mediator PRM Mediation

30 Years Experience

For over 30 years, Mary has been the voice of reason, expertly and passionately working to resolve conflicts through mediation in both the corporate world, as well as in family situations. In her company PRM Mediation – Mary brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the bargaining table, having successfully negotiated million-dollar agreements for corporate clients.  Mary’s previous background as a Senior Financial Executive with a unique background in various corporate executive leadership roles covering the full spectrum of CFO responsibilities plus a Chartered Professional Accountant designation means she is able to work hands-on with corporate leaders to bring about change and resolve conflict.

No matter what the situation, Mary is the calm in the storm helping to diffuse what may seem like an impossible situation by offering hope, clarity and closure. Mary’s  success in managing change and conflict, negotiating and settling corporate disputes led her to expand her mediation practice to help families resolve disputes in cases involving separation and divorce settlements, common-law relationship agreements or disputes relating to child custody and support.

Unique Approach to Mediation

“With care and empathy, we move people from the back seat to the driver’s seat- empowering them to strategically take control of their financial and parenting outcomes in a divorce settlement through specialized divorce mediation,” says Mary, who was formerly the Owner and Senior Negotiator of Fairway Divorce Solutions in Mississauga for four years until December 2014. “As with our corporate clients, we listen to our family clients and are empathetic to their needs and act as trusted, neutral advisers who will empower them to become informed decision makers. Through mediation there will be a win-win outcome for both parties that will help them preserve their net worth and their relationships.”

She specializes in a facilitative mediation approach toward corporate resolution as well as divorce and separation including child custody, support issues and financial division of property. Mary helps clients to understand the financial ramifications as she educates and guides them through the many options available which best suit the needs of both parties concerned. The goal is to save clients time and money by staying out of court, while striving to preserve relationships allowing parties to move forward with their lives.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel and you can be in control of your future through mediation instead of letting a judge decide your fate in court – whether for divorce or corporate disputes,” says Mary. “We get the conversation started, acknowledge the past, but ensure that parties do not remain stuck in the past. Instead they can move forward toward resolution and closure. I am proud to be known as the calming voice in what seems like a vortex of chaos to folks caught up in conflict. I offer the expertise and confidence to help educate and guide clients to create a plan to work through their differences and reach a settlement where both parties win.”

Expert Divorce Guru and Mediator

Eighty percent of divorce settlement issues involve money. This is where Mary’s 30 years of experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant, her negotiation and mediation and conflict management skills enable her to bring control to chaotic situations. She follows a strict code of ethics, guaranteeing fairness, integrity and confidentiality in her mediation process.   As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Mary can guide couples, particularly high net worth parties who have complex assets or own family businesses, to make informed financial decisions and explore creative options including tax implications, regarding the division of assets and child and spousal support.  In addition, through a triage, Mary is able to connect couples to her strategic alliance partners including financial planners, business valuators, actuaries, lawyers (real estate, family law and estate law), realtors, mortgage brokers, appraisers and counsellors.

Mary is a much sought-after expert in the field of divorce mediation and was asked to be the key note speaker for the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts Convention in Las Vegas and Toronto. She had been featured in the Canadian and American Business journals when she opened her practice with Fairway Divorce Solutions Mississauga highlighting her successful and unique approach to resolving conflict and negotiating settlements during stressful and difficult situations. She brought to the Fairway Divorce Solutions franchise the unique expertise of having addressed the impacts of divorce in the workplace – the primary focus of the feature in the Canadian Business Journal.

Keynote Speaker and Media Contact

As a subject matter expert in Divorce, Mediation and Conflict Management, she is often asked to be a keynote speaker on these topics at conferences, continuing education events for divorce professionals and Certified Financial Planners and business professionals. She is an approved Media Expert for CPA Ontario for mediation.

Changing Conflict Into Opportunity

In 2015, she began offering mediation to address elder care issues and transition for the elderly. She consolidated her mediation practice under PRM Mediation which had provided corporate mediation.  PRM Mediation now offers family mediation including elder care and divorce mediation formerly provided with Fairway Divorce Solutions Mississauga.

Mary believes in giving the gift of choice – choosing mediation over more stressful and costly option of legal action.  As such she provides corporate workplace conflict training to help management develop skills in managing and mediating workplace conflict.

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