Changing conflict into opportunity
through hands-on care and empathy™

Our Philosophy


Changing Conflict into Opportunity

“Conflicts or disagreements are part of life and are necessary to foster innovation and personal and business growth,” states Mary Krauel Owner, and Lead Negotiator of PRM Mediation.  “It can be an opportunity for change or if not managed well, can become a hindrance sabotaging any positive outcome. If it wasn’t for someone challenging the status quo or daring to have their own thoughts and ideas we would still be living in caves and living vanilla lives.”

It’s not easy to face conflict and opposing views and by nature as human beings we avoid conflict or unpleasant tasks. People will follow the path of least resistance and avoidance is the path of choice. But you can’t avoid conflict or disagreements indefinitely. You can only postpone them. Postponing only makes it grow and become a monster that consumes your personal and work life.

Conflict can cause disharmony throughout an organization, within families and can even last for generations if it goes unresolved, leaving people in emotional and financial ruin. Instead you can leave behind a legacy of harmony, peace and order.

PRM Mediation’s philosophy is based on the belief of “Changing Conflict into Opportunity”.

We believe that mediation is a process that can take you from chaos to clarity to consensus, outside of the courtroom. This is a process that brings two opposing sides to the table in a safe environment to hear each person’s story and to be able to understand the root causes of the conflict. It is about finding the best way to determine how to resolve differences, and then creatively and collaboratively work together to create an outcome that is a win-win for both parties.

Mary Krauel, Owner and Lead Negotiator of PRM Mediation, has over 30 years of experience working in the corporate sector, successfully managing change, mediating and negotiating million dollar contracts and resolving conflict. As a seasoned negotiator, Mary understands the emotional and financial cost of conflict to those concerned.

Due to the success in the corporate world and her passion for helping others, Mary expanded her business to be able to help families dealing with separation or divorce or other issues.  Our philosophy is to help those in conflict by serving as a hands-on empathetic, neutral third party to bring two parties to the table for a frank and open discussion within a safe and confidential environment.

Creating a Safe Environment

Transforming Fear into Trust

FEAR is the greatest barrier in resolving conflict. It is fear of two things only: A person’s fear of the unknown (what will happen to them) and fear of losing control (not having a say in how and what will happen to them).  Folks come to PRM Mediation knowing they are in a safe and confidential environment and they are able to tell their story and to be heard without fear of retribution, judgement or criticism. It is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is about providing a mechanism for people to have a voice and be heard and to have an active role in any outcome. The greatest human need is to be heard and understood.  We offer empathy, understanding and validation, which is fundamental before resolution can be achieved.

Without safety, fear persists and there is no trust. Mistrust amplifies the fear of the unknown and losing control over your destiny. We foster trust in the mediator, the process and more importantly between the parties, that a beneficial outcome is possible.

Managing Emotions

Moving from Paralysis to Informed Decision Making

Mary Krauel acts as the calm in the storm between two conflicting parties.  “I don’t advocate for either party,” says Mary. “Often parties are overwhelmed by emotion and are paralyzed in making even day-to-day decisions, let alone long term decisions. The greatest responsibility PRM Mediation has is to educate and guide folks so they can make informed decisions rather than emotional ones from a place of fear, anger, resentment or revenge.” PRM Mediation’s philosophy is to reduce emotions and fear which have caused people to be stuck in the past.  We act as the voice of reason and listen to each side of the story to determine the grass roots issues of what caused the conflict and focus on the facts and avoid finding fault or placing blame. Once again, it is not about who is right or wrong. It is about determining the source of the conflict and to be able to creatively find ways to resolve what caused the conflict in order to find closure through empowered decision making.

Bringing Reason

Moving From Chaos to Clarity to Resolution and Closure

In conflicts and disputes there are usually multiple stakeholders involved, each with their own opposing views, interests, and expectation of outcome. Often the conflict triggers a domino effect of decisions that need to be made all at once, none more complex than separation and divorce which leads to purchase and sale of homes; disposition of other assets; changes in jobs, lifestyle, custody and parenting of children; etc. Chaos occurs where parties do not know how to get started, let alone consider the needs and interest of all stakeholders.

PRM Mediation is a neutral third party who has the best interest of both parties at heart. We strategically chart a path to resolution with a plan that brings clarity to the issues and the role each party has in determining their own outcome. This eliminates the fear of the unknown and lack of control in the process.

We are future focused so we bring creative solutions to meet the interests and needs of both parties and what matters most to them. We bring reason – the practical rational assessment of alternatives and options for both parties so that both benefit, which would not occur in court.

Managing Costs

Reducing Stress, Cost and Time

Settling a conflict through the traditional court system is costly, both financially and emotionally and does not result in a guaranteed outcome to either party. Each party hires a lawyer on retainer to represent their case which can be tied up in the legal system for years. Depending on the situation, people may also need to hire financial and other experts to assist them in making decisions or plead their case.

These direct third party costs or the loss of a claim are what is usually quantified when parties determine the cost of a dispute. However, greater costs in terms of lost time from work while parties are litigating, reduced productivity due to stress, or stress leaves, loss of business and time spent by management on conflict are hardly ever quantified.

Matching both financial, legal, mediation and other expertise to the needs and complexities of a dispute is critical in managing costs. Mary Krauel’s unique background as a professional negotiator and Chartered Professional Accountant allows her to offer expert financial guidance and educate clients on the many options available to them, with the goal to preserve wealth for both parties. Mary acts as a neutral third party who works with both parties and other experts to keep the conversation moving forward so disputes can be settled in a timely manner, thus saving parties money and allowing them to move on with their lives.

PRM Mediation’s philosophy is to help clients reduce their costs by having them roll up their own sleeves and doing as much as they can themselves, if they are willing, to prepare for meetings and provide and produce required documents.

Fear of the unknown and of losing control is the basis for resistance and disagreement. Mary steadfastly believes there is a responsibility for mediators and lawyers to be accountable and to help parties resolve issues and not prey on their fears and emotions to extend engagements and fees.

Managing Expectations

Adherence to Process ∙ Future Focused ∙ Win-Win

At PRM Mediation we take great care ensuring both parties have reasonable expectations. There is no cookie-cutter approach to meditation; each client and case is unique. To be successful in reaching a fair settlement it is essential that our process is followed. Short cuts often lead to greater not less costs. Often in litigation one party ends up the victor. Mediated dispute resolutions ensure both parties have input into the decisions and each party, through compromise, walks away feeling they have received a fair and reasonable settlement where compromise is essential. By creating a future-focused agreement, that causes parties to move forward rather than be stuck in the past, it is a win-win for both parties.

Our core competency is mediation and to help our clients reach a settlement. We cannot and do not do everything. To better serve our clients we believe in forming strategic alliances with people within our community and with local businesses that we think will help our clients with services we do not provide. We guide our clients to alliance partners such as corporate lawyers, divorce lawyers, estate lawyers, mortgage and insurance brokers, financial planners, realtors, counsellors, appraisers, business valuators and more.  All those referred share our core values and care for clients and a desire to help our clients reach consensus and resolution quickly and cost effectively.

Our Commitment

Safe Environment ∙ Neutral Third Party Mediation ∙ Optimum Outcomes that YOU Choose

Our promise at PRM Mediation is to help parties who do not see eye-to-eye to be able to resolve conflict through mediation and to rebuild and strengthen relationships with mutual respect and understanding, or to end them with dignity and respect, but in both cases, with favourable optimal outcomes for each person chosen by the parties themselves.

If you find yourself facing separation, divorce or conflict within the workplace and would like to consider mediation in a safe and confidential environment as an alternative dispute resolution, rather than taking the matter to court, let us guide you to a peaceful, optimal outcome which will be a win-win for all parties concerned.

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