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As an expert on divorce, separation, effective negotiating and conflict resolution, Mary Krauel is often quoted by the media, asked to write articles or appear on shows to talk about mediation and dispute resolution.


– Stress from Divorce Has Everlasting Health Consequences

Divorce it seems can make you ill. Divorce itself is emotionally stressful, but brings with it a series of lifestyle changes affecting your job, where you live, assets, finances and losing couple friends….
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– When is Mediation Not Good for You?

Although mediation is a viable option in 90% of disputes both workplace and family there are times when it is not. Are you in that 10%?
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– Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Is your business facing a dispute with clients, suppliers or internally with employees, shareholders or partners? Or are you facing it on a more visceral level in your own separation and divorce? If you are, Biz TV’s mediation guru Mary Krauel has some valuable advice on how qualified and experienced mediators are critical in overcoming challenges in disputes.

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– What You Don’t Get in Court but do in Mediation

In disputes everyone says call a lawyer, and that usually means court. Apart from the obvious benefits of mediation versus litigation (saving time, cost, avoiding conflict, and certainty of outcomes) there are several things you can get through mediation you cannot get from a court.

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– Tax Tips and Traps – Third Party Payments

“Third-party or specific-purpose payments can be considered support payments [under certain circumstances],” says Mary Krauel (CPA, CA, MBA, CDFA™), who practices in Mississauga and London, Ontario. “Specific-purpose payments may include rent, property taxes, insurance premiums, and educational or medical expenses for the benefit of the recipient.”

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– Is a Divorce Ruining Your Business?

Host David Wojcik and mediation guru Mary Krauel discuss how to save thousands of dollars and potentially your business through mediation. Joining Mary as a guest is a business owner who together with his spouse was guided successfully by her through mediation in addressing all matrimonial matters, including how to fairly deal with their business.

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– Mediation Versus the Traditional Legal System

Lawyers will tell you that 95% of cases are settled “on the court house steps” and only 5% proceed to trial. That would be correct. However, what they may fail to tell you is that you will likely be in the court several times filing court documents such as statements of claim, applications, motions, affidavits, counter-affidavits, undertakings and getting interim court orders before trial even begins. Numerous discussions would occur between lawyers, their clients and back again. Everything is duplicated by each party. In mediation there is no duplication of documentation, motions, affidavits or court orders. Communication is with the mediator and the two parties. The primary objective is to settle not build a case.

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– Mediate or Litigate?

“Our mediation guru Mary Krauel says you need to mediate before you litigate.”
Whether in corporate disputes or in personal matters such as divorce and separation it is possible to take control of your life and business. I tell my clients –”Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail”. For both business and personal matters the questions I ask clients to help them determine whether they wish to mediate or litigate are similar.

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– Special Feature – Selling Part of the Family – the Matrimonial Home

During separation and divorce there is considerable emotion that envelops couples as they find themselves faced with a myriad of financial and parenting decision concerning dividing property and how to co-parent.
Each party embarks upon the painful task of dividing and letting go of their former life – none more emotional than what to do with the matrimonial home. The matrimonial home in many ways had become a part of the family representing many family memories of where the children were raised and where traditions were celebrated making it tough to let go.

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– When Employees Bring Divorce Baggage to Work

Why would anyone think that employees do not bring stresses from home to their work place when we all have brought our “bad day at work” home with us? When almost 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce this accounts for a lot of people going to work with “divorce baggage.” It is virtually impossible for people going through separation and divorce to completely detach their emotional turmoil and stress they are carrying when they leave home and go to work. The cause of divorce is personal, but some impacts become significant business impacts.

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– Vacation Tips for Separated and Divorced Parents

Keeping your children’s best interests at heart is the first vacation tip Mary Krauel suggests in her article. Kids wait all year for summer vacation. But when parents are separated or divorced, summer vacation can be dreaded by them. They may fear the tug-of-war between parents, the rigidity of parenting schedules, not being with friends or, being able to do what they want and just be kids. Remember, it’s not about you or your ex; it’s about not spoiling your child’s summer dreams.

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– Mediation Alternative

It was Mary Krauel’s press release for the opening of her practice in divorce mediation in Mississauga which talked about the impact separation and divorce can have on business that caught the attention of the editorial staff at the Canadian Business Journal. An eight page feature article about mediation as an alternative to the traditional legal system was written to help with as Mary described “a call to action for businesses to increase the education and awareness about this alternative that if used by their divorcing employees, can help not only the employee but businesses to not be as dramatically impacted by divorce.” Interviewed at her offices, Mary shared her philosophy to conflict resolution of helping clients make sound, informed decisions and not from a place of fear.

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– Employees Going Through Divorce – Impact on Business

Mary Krauel and In Business host explore the impacts an employee’s divorce has on an employer’s bottom line and what employers can do it mitigate some of those effects and how can they guide employees towards mediation as an alternative to the traditional divorce lawyer.

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– When Partners in Business Divorce – Impact on Business

Mary Krauel and In Business host discuss when life partners who are also partners in business divorce, or when your business partners are impacted by one partner’s divorce. Can the business survive and if so how can mediation help prevent the “Golden Goose” from being killed in divorce?

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– When Happily Ever After Ends in Divorce

The hosts of Daytime ask Mary Krauel if given all the press of celebrity divorces whether divorce is now glamorized and when divorce really is the right answer for healthy family relationships.

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