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Mary Krauel, Key Note Speaker

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Expert

Mary Krauel is a much sought-after key note speaker and expert on the topic of separation and divorce mediation and managing conflict and was recently asked to be the key note speaker for the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts Convention in Las Vegas and Toronto. Mary has been featured in the Canadian and American Business journals, highlighting her successful and unique approach to resolving conflict and negotiating settlements during stressful and difficult situations involving families and corporate clients.

As Owner and Chief Negotiator of PRM Mediation, Mary brings over 30 years of experience in corporate and family mediation to the podium. She is an expert on divorce and separation and the effect on society and expertly addresses the options available, including mediation, as an alternative method to settle disputes outside of the court room. She combines her passion for helping others overcome adversity with her expertise on mediation as she discusses her proven methodology of bring two parties in conflict together at the same table to start the conversation toward seeking resolution.

Mary can offer a targeted message for a wide variety of audiences. Forums can include lunch and learns for employees or members of associations; workshops or key note addresses to employers, charities, employee associations or association conferences; and training for continuing education credits.

“The purpose of speaking publically is to help educate individuals, employers, community and service providers about the ‘other’ options to the legal system,” says Mary. “Many people still have not heard about mediation or even realize there is an alternative to taking matters to court or being mired in a legal system with lawyers punting back and forth legal letters often increasing conflict and stress between the parties.

It is about giving people the gift of choice. My mission is to inform people that mediation does work and it can save them time and money by avoiding the drama of going to court. Clients are pleasantly surprised to realize that they are their own best advocates and I help them get over their initial fear and give them the confidence within a safe haven so they can freely tell their story and express what they want or need to move forward. I act as the voice of calm and reason as a neutral party between two conflicting sides to creatively work together on resolving the issue and moving forward to reach a settlement which is advantageous to both parties.”

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