Changing conflict into opportunity
through hands-on care and empathy™

Talking About Conflict Management & Mediation

Changing Conflict into Opportunity

Mary uses her experience of 30 years of working with corporate clients to help resolve issues in the work place to deliver a message about the realities of the financial and cultural cost of conflict to companies. Problems don’t just go away. Like a festering wound they often get worse and permeate and infect the entire organization.

Conflict mediation has several benefits as opposed to litigation. We are often faced with a backlog of court cases in Ontario, so while a company awaits a court date, it is costing the company money in terms of employees under stress taking sick time, being unproductive when at work and involving others in their problems, which takes them away from their work. Mary brings awareness to the principles of conflict mediation, its benefits over litigation and how parties can assess if their issue can be mediated.

More importantly Mary discusses how she uses proven methodologies as a skilled negotiator and mediator to help organizations take proactive and preventative measures to more ably handle conflicts when they do occur and how the conflict can be changed into opportunity.

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