Changing conflict into opportunity
through hands-on care and empathy™

Introduction to PRM Mediation

How we Resolve Conflict

PRM Mediation resolves conflict in an amicable way for both corporate and family clients. Whether it is a workplace conflict or a divorce and separation, PRM Mediation recognizes that heightened emotions between parties makes for poor decisions and poorer outcomes. Conflict if not managed well can have devastating impacts on an organization and families and last for generations leaving people in emotional and financial ruin. Mary Krauel, senior mediator for PRM Mediation describes in this video how she uses mediation in conflict resolution by addressing the greatest human need – to be heard and understood. PRM Mediation uses various mediation methods tailored specifically to client situations and personalities. It is not about who is right and who is wrong. PRM Mediation provides the mechanism for people to have a voice and be heard allowing resolution to occur.

PRM Mediation focuses on “guaranteed outcomes”. Mary describes in the video how through PRM Mediation’s process – parties do not need to “roll the dice” and gamble on their outcomes by litigating with lawyers. Instead it is a win-win outcome for both parties.

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