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Mediate or Litigate with Lawyers

How to Decide to Mediate or Litigate

“Biz TV’s mediation guru Mary Krauel says you need to mediate before you litigate.”
Whether in corporate disputes or in personal matters such as divorce and separation it is possible to take control of your life and business. I tell my clients –”Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail”. For both business and personal matters the questions I ask clients to help them determine whether they wish to mediate or litigate are similar.

“Reaching a successful outcome in a dispute is a conscious choice each party makes when choosing the process – mediation or litigation with divorce lawyers or corporate lawyers” says Mary Krauel, owner and senior mediator for PRM Mediation in Mississauga and London. Some specific questions in this video can help you plan to become an empowered decision maker instead of a victim in your divorce or in a workplace conflict.

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