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Mediation vs Traditional Lawyers

Do You Wish to Build a Case or Build a Settlement?

Traditional lawyers will tell you that 95% of cases are settled “on the court house steps” and only 5% proceed to trial. That would be correct. However, what divorce lawyers or corporate litigation lawyers may fail to tell you is that you will likely be in court several times.  “You will have spent a lot of money before you even get to the court house steps” says Mary Krauel, Senior Negotiator for PRM Mediation serving Southern Ontario. Considerable time and money is spent on filing court documents such as statements of claim, applications, motions, affidavits, counter-affidavits, undertakings and getting interim court orders before trial even begins. Numerous discussions would occur between lawyers, their clients and back again. Everything is duplicated by each party. In mediation vs traditional lawyers there is no duplication of documentation, motions, affidavits or court orders. Communication is with the mediator and the two parties. The primary objective is to settle not build a case.

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