Conflict Management Process and Training

Proactive Measures to Manage and Avoid Corporate Conflict

Conflict Management Policies and Procedures – many organizations do not have policies on how to manage conflict. They do it on the fly and as such it is not consistent which leads to inequitable decisions which may then result in legal claims on fairness and equity. Organizations have implemented work place safety, harassment and other policies due to legislative requirements. But since so much time and money is spent dealing with conflict it would benefit organizations to have a common standard policy where employees and management know what to do and which mitigates the risk of abuse and discrimination when dealing with conflict. There are then no mavericks or Lone Rangers dealing with sensitive issues. Conflict management systems give organizations the proper guidelines and procedures to be able to affectively deal with conflict in the work place with a goal to ensuring problems are addressed and consensus is reached.

As a result, conflicts are diffused or eliminated, employee morale remains high and stress levels are managed as employees appreciate that their concerns are not only heard, but addressed. There is an increase in job satisfaction levels as they know management cares about their safety or well-being and people feel that all are treated equally.

PRM Mediation can develop together with HR personnel, a custom-designed policy to meet the organization’s needs. A communication plan is also created to implement the policy across the organization. Employees are informed about the new policy, how to deal with conflict that may arise as well as educating employees on their rights and the expectations of behaviour in the workplace.

Conflict Management Training and Coaching – having policies and procedures is great but it doesn’t do much if people are not aware of it or do not know how to implement it. It is human nature to avoid conflict so people don’t do it, or they are ill equipped and do not have the skills or tools to manage conflict. Conflict is a part of life, more so today due to increased demand for our time, competition and economic pressures.

Conflict management are important skills to learn. Even as children we are taught to get along with others. It not only makes the day go quicker, the work gets done and you enjoy your work and the company of your colleagues. Conflict management is an important managerial skill that can be taught. Communication is a fundamental principle in conflict resolution. It is less about what you say and more about listening and hearing the other person without your filters. People do not realize it is hardly ever about the money, but another more deep and visceral reason the conflict had escalated. People need to be heard and acknowledged and folks need to take responsibility for their actions and reactions. So the training is about taking responsibility without fear or recrimination. People run to lawyers because they feel they need to be protected. If they felt safe to try conflict resolution in the organization then they would be less likely to go to tribunals and court. The training is to help people not to pass judgment but to be neutral and to recognize when a third party mediator like PRM Mediation needs to be introduced.

PRM Mediation’s philosophy of seeing conflict as an opportunity is deeply embedded in our approach to training. We strive to help people face and eliminate their fear of conflict and to embrace “healthy conflict” and healthy ways to manage it. We provide one-on-one personal coaching to managers and senior executives on managing specific conflicts or to simply increase their comfort level and skills in managing any form of conflict they may face in the workplace.

We also provide coaching to non-management employees who face conflict at work with colleagues or their bosses. We design training programs for management and employees that are delivered in the workplace. Mary Krauel believes that the best form of learning is through hands-on practice and discussing case studies. Behaviours are rooted in habits. For behaviours to change old habits need to be replaced with new habits that reflect the organization’s values and principles in conflict resolution. Participants engage in role playing workplace conflicts in workshops where they are observed and are provided with immediate feedback and coaching.

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