Contract Disputes

Focus on Customer Care While Preserving Corporate Value and Legacies

Service Level Agreements and Contract Disputes – mistakes happen, as people are human. Many agreements have penalty clauses for failure to perform or breaches of contract. Often they do not have operational or practical ways to remedy defaults and breaches. Usually organizations want to keep the client, customer, vendor, tenant, landlord or the term of the contract may span several years and the penalty to terminate the contract is greater than re-mediating the breach. Strained relationships in an ongoing contract result often in more disputes and less flexibility if conflicts or disputes are not resolved on a timely basis. PRM Mediation not only brings conflict management and mediation skills to help resolve contract disputes but hands-on operational experience managing contracts, customer care and working with service delivery to understand both the customers’ needs and the service providers obligations and requirements.

Shareholder Disputes – parties came to together for a reason. They shared a passion, common belief and commitment. Over time this may change and imbalances occur – each party is not participating in the same way, interests have changed, the organization is no longer as profitable, a party doesn’t wish to increase investment or growth risk, a party may be reaching a different stage in life and wishes to plan retirement, successors are not acceptable to both parties, or simply a desire to sell. The reasons are varied but each comes with its own unique need or interest that must be addressed.

Usually the parties do not wish to kill the business, the golden goose, but often this is exactly what happens because decisions are not being made, customers are lost, business declines which leads to what sometimes is like the biblical exodus as employees jump ship in fear of losing their jobs, or being taken over by a purchaser. PRM Mediation can assist in helping parties who have worked hard to create a profitable business to preserve their legacy of success and see it continue for generations to come while providing for a financially viable exit for one or all parties from the business. More importantly, the highest emotional conflict which occurs with succession planning to the next generation if settled in court, usually results in permanent impairment to family relationships, the wounds which are carried for generations.

Customer Service Disputes – how this is handled in a company becomes an ingrained culture and attitude that employees have towards customers which often overflows into the way they interact internally with each other within the organization. Customer care impacts the reputation of the organization. If many clients feel they have the same issue a class action can result. PRM Mediation can not only help resolve the customer dispute, but help in creating a culture internally and externally based on positive communication and resolution.

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