End of Life and Estate Planning

Avoiding Family Conflict ∙ Future Gift of Love

In our culture today, we find it difficult to face our own mortality and are often silent when it comes to giving direction and guidance to loved ones about end of life decisions regarding property or our care when we become incapacitated. The greatest gift of love we can give our children and family is to help them with making difficult decisions at a time when they are struggling with grief and emotions over losing us. With sensitivity PRM Mediation helps elder persons proactively put in place the legal documents that reflect their wishes both for property and personal care. It helps families take the guessing out of what they may want or what their wishes may be. It reduces the risk of conflicts occurring between siblings about what they “think” or “believe” that mom or dad may have wanted or imposing their own preferences upon family members and the elder person. As we face the end of our time on earth, we should be surrounded by loving family member’s not bitter feuds or costly court battles which squander the life savings we have worked so hard to earn and hope our families will inherit.

PRM Mediation helps families find common ground in resolving end of life and estate issues particularly in the absence of powers of attorney for property and personal care, or wills and establish guardianship that reflect the wishes of the elder person.

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