Support to Community and Health Care Providers

Neutral Party to Facilitate a Community of Care

Over the past 20 years mediation with age-related issues has been emerging as a distinct need in the community. Elder mediation is now being recognized internationally as an important step in the continuum of care – promoting wellness, developing prevention strategies and enhancing the quality of life for the elder person while better managing the cost of social and medical programs funded by taxpayers. PRM Mediation can help focus on addressing the concerns and issues faced by these community and private care givers and professionals while maintaining and strengthening the relationships with each other and the families which are critical to the well-being of the elder person. Often these organizations are caught in the middle of the family dispute over the care of the elder person which is not the role of the community agency or care provider. As a neutral third party, PRM Mediation is able to bring all parties together in a positive way to facilitate a resolution to any issues of care.

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