Family Mediation

Removing Barriers to Communication ∙ Respecting Differences ∙ Finding Common Ground

One of the most tragic things to see is the disintegration of families today. The breakdown of communication between family members to express differences in opinion or to be heard and acknowledged is in our view the primary cause of conflict at home and the breakdown of families. Parties when conflicted are not at their best.

At PRM Mediation, we believe there is good in everyone and we strive to have each party share our belief. In our experience of managing family conflicts, we have found that families still share 80 percent of the same core values they did before the dispute occurred. But the conflict has overshadowed those common values and has instead erected barriers to communication. At PRM Mediation we work with both conflicted and amicable parties to open discussion. We bring calm to the storm in even the most chaotic situation to let both sides be heard, understood and then find creative ways to resolve conflict. Our mediation process helps preserve our client’s wealth and retain relationships or find ways to move forward. An optimal outcome ensures hope and closure for both parties who have been instrumental in helping develop a plan that is mutually beneficial. It is our hope and desire to have parties become “families” again even though they may not live together anymore or share the same views and instead be respectful of their differences.

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