Separation and Divorce

Empathy ∙ Direction ∙ Closure

Cold Hard Facts:

  • Almost 50% of marriages in North America will end in separation and divorce. (this does not include folks who have who have only separated but have not filed for divorce or common law couples)
  • The average cost you can expect to spend in the traditional legal court system with each party using divorce lawyers is over $25,000/person and considerably more if you are preparing to go to trial. In mediation on average $5000/person.
  • The average time spent to obtain a separation agreement is 2-3 years with divorce lawyers, much longer if your case is complex. In mediation 3 months after full financial disclosure.

Good people do get divorced. Getting divorced is not the end. It is a beginning. It should be an event in your life and not define your life.

Making the decision to separate may have seemed like the toughest decision. Now you are faced with a myriad of decisions you have never perhaps had to make before, let alone, alone.

It is possible to take control of your life and your divorce. Mary Krauel, previously owner of Fairway Divorce Solutions Mississauga, tells her clients –“Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail.”

The first question she asks couples – Do you want to be a victim or do you want to become an empowered decision maker who makes informed decisions today that will affect the rest of your life and that of your family? The process you choose will make you one or the other.

Other than taking the risk and doing it yourself, there are two main process choices when faced with divorce. Each party can hire separate family law lawyers to provide legal representation which may end in court with a judge deciding your fate. The alternative dispute resolution to divorce lawyers is divorce mediation.  Mediation lets each party have their say and control their own outcome. Divorce mediation is about finding a balance between the needs and wants of both parties.

At PRM Mediation we uniquely differentiate ourselves in that we:

  • place an emphasis on what is in the best interests of the children and to protect them from the needless harm they suffer in traditional separation and divorce
  • give couples a positive, affordable and time-saving alternative to ending their relationships through divorce coaching
  • create opportunities for couples to reduce costs further by rolling up their sleeves and doing some of the work if they have the time, knowledge and willingness to do so
  • help establish a new standard of civility and common sense for divorce
  • provide a mediation model for conflict resolution that can expand beyond the world of divorce enabling couples to become role models for conflict resolution at work and at home particularly for their children
  • help strengthen new beginnings based on trust with couples who seek cohabitation and prenuptial agreements
  • provide “one stop services” and cover cradle to grave everything you need to secure a separation and divorce agreement. This includes division of assets, support and parenting plans.  Or clients can selectively choose divorce services that address a specific element they wish to mediate. They can receive support and guidance as a couple or as an individual.

Do you want to know how to get a separation and divorce agreement? Not sure and you would like some divorce advice and coaching? Call us for a consultation.

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