What is Conflict Mediation?

Neutral Third Party ∙ Calming Presence ∙ Strategic Plan ∙ Creative Resolutions

Conflict mediation is an affordable alternative method of resolving conflict outside of the courtroom where you decide the outcome, instead of a judge.
For any conflict to be successfully resolved PRM Mediation believes the following four elements need to be achieved:

  1. Both parties need to be heard or given a voice
  2. Validation or acknowledgement of the parties emotions, concerns or issues
  3. Their experience needs to be normalized – they are not an anomaly
  4. Create a strategy and plan to reach a successful outcome

Conflict mediation brings two conflicting parties to the table, along with a professional mediator. It is the role of the mediator to act as a neutral third party to hear both sides of the story to be able to determine the root cause of the conflict and then to create a future-based plan as determined by both parties with optimal outcomes for all concerned. Clients can be spared the traumatic experience of having to go to court which in the long run not only saves dignity, but also time and money.

Mediation can be best described as follows:

  • A voluntary process of resolving disputes outside of the court room.
  • Both parties are heard and their issues acknowledged, often more important than a financial settlement.
  • Neutral mediator does not advocate for either party but has the best interests of both at heart.
  • An experienced mediator can balance power between the parties, sort through chaos to create a plan and employ strategies to resolve differences.
  • Guarantees outcome because the parties deliberately choose it.
  • Both parties work with a mediator as participants rather than combatants to formulate a resolution agreement which is workable and helps optimize wealth, restore relationships and create a win-win for both.
  • Mediation brings calm by helping to diffuse anger, get to the root cause of conflict, explore financial implications of options, and creatively find solutions toward resolution as the mediator can work with both parties.
  • In divorce and separation, mediation has a focus on protecting children by creating workable parenting plans which include housing, support, visitation and custody as well as future-based planning for children’s ongoing needs including education.
  • Mediation reduces risk of non-compliance as both parties determine the outcome rather than having it imposed upon them.
  • Mediation will save time and money by eliminating the need for two lawyers to represent each party in a lengthy court process. Ending a conflict with dignity and respect.


Conflict mediation saves your dignity, money and time.

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