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Mediation – An Alternative to Lawyers, Court and the Legal System

Safe Environment – Triage and Plan – Informed Decision Making – Optimum Outcomes that YOU Choose

Our promise at PRM Mediation is to help parties who unresolved issues or disputes to be able to resolve them through mediation and to rebuild and strengthen impaired relationships with mutual respect and understanding, or to end them with dignity and respect, but in both cases, with favourable optimal outcomes for each person chosen by the parties themselves. We believe in “Changing Conflict Into Opportunity™”.

“We make conflict difficult. Conflicts can be resolved amicably with less cost and stress” says Mary Krauel, Owner and Senior Negotiator of PRM Mediation London.

Often in litigation one party ends up the victor. Mediated dispute resolutions ensure both parties have input into the decisions and each party, through compromise, walks away feeling they have received a fair and reasonable settlement.

If you find yourself facing separation, divorce or conflict within the workplace and would like to consider mediation in a safe and confidential environment as an alternative dispute resolution, rather than taking the matter to court or be mired in battles between divorce or corporate lawyers, let us guide you to a peaceful, optimal outcome which will be a win-win for all parties concerned.

PRM Mediation Focuses on Areas Where the Highest Incidence of Conflict Occurs

Divorce Mediation

In divorce and separation, it is not just about money but it’s also about the kids. Our mediation has a focus on protecting children by helping parents create practical parenting plans which addresses housing, child support, visitation and custody. We aim to preserve your net worth by reducing your costs on divorce lawyers and ensure Division of Net Family Property includes restructuring debt, minimizing taxes and balancing liquidity between couples.

Elder Care Mediation

With an aging population, more and more people will be faced with transitioning and life planning decisions. For the elderly, we help maintain a delicate balance in transitioning to assisted care and retaining independence. We assist family members assess the future living situations, day-to-day activities, and medical care and finances finding the best options for an elder family member. Care providers and agencies have legal and legislative responsibilities in providing their services which can be compromised or challenged when conflict occurs.

Corporate Mediation

In corporate conflict, our aim is to help identify underlying reasons for the dispute, respecting the privacy and confidentiality of each party. PRM Mediation is able to help restore relationships or find an amicable end. We provide management and employees with the skills and tools to proactively resolve internal and external conflict and change it into an opportunity for growth, innovation and success. Where necessary we mediate a resolution.

Why Choose PRM Mediation London?

  1. Safe Environment – Folks come to PRM Mediation knowing they are in a safe and confidential environment and they are able to tell their story and to be heard without fear of retribution, judgement or criticism. We offer empathy, understanding and validation, which is fundamental before resolution can be achieved. Without safety, fear persists and there is no trust. We foster trust in the mediator, the process and more importantly between the parties, that a beneficial outcome is possible.
  2. Impartial Party – PRM Mediation is an impartial third party. We do not advocate as lawyers do for their clients who will always have opposing objectives. We bring reason – the practical rational assessment of alternatives and options for both parties so that both feel it is a win-win, which would not occur in court.
  3. Informed Decision Making – The greatest responsibility PRM Mediation has is to educate and guide folks so they understand their rights and obligations under law, options available to them, the costs and risks of those options so they can make informed decisions rather than emotional ones from a place of fear, anger, resentment or revenge. Uninformed and emotional people make poor decisions that have life-long financial, emotional and relationship impacts.
  4. Triage and Plan – PRM Mediation uniquely differentiates itself by the comprehensive assessment of the engagement including the underlying causes of the conflict, stakeholders and their interests, and near term issues requiring immediate attention. This triage leads to a mediation strategy and a without prejudice interim plan which is a critical element in beginning to build trust between the parties as they work towards a final settlement agreement.
  5. Optimum Outcomes – PRM Mediation explores any and all reasonable options for settlement. Not available in a court environment, parties are guaranteed their outcome because they choose it.
  6. Managed Costs – PRM Mediation’s process manages both the financial and emotional costs of conflicts and disputes by taking less time, avoid costly lawyers, reduce duplication, effective use of experts and actively engage clients in doing as much as they can themselves.

Facing conflict? Need to be heard? Avoid the cost and trauma of a legal battle. Call us for consultation, speaking engagement, mediation or conflict training.

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