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Choosing Mediation over the Lawyers, Court and the Legal System

Neutral Third Party – Calming Presence – Strategic Plan – Creative Solutions – Cost Effective

“Changing Conflict Into Opportunity™” is what PRM Mediation passionately believes when helping parties mediate resolution in workplace conflicts, separation and divorce and in disputes regarding elder care issues. Choosing Mediation, over litigation and the Legal System, through a neutral 3rd party brings a calming presence, strategic plan and affordable creative resolutions where you decide the outcome, instead of a judge. It is an Alternative Dispute Resolution to traditional adversarial legal system. “Conflicts are resolved amicably with less cost and stress” says Mary Krauel, Owner and Senior Negotiator of PRM Mediation Mississauga.

Mary brings over 25 years of business, mediation and negotiation experience to clients and her own life experience of separation and divorce. “With care and empathy, we move people from the back seat to the driver’s seat – empowering them to strategically take control of their financial and parenting outcomes in a divorce settlement through specialized divorce mediation,” says Mary. Trained in conflict resolution and understanding human relationships Mary provides personal coaching and conflict management training to help people develop life lasting skills to manage and resolve conflict at home and in the workplace.

PRM Mediation Focuses on Areas Where the Highest Incidence of Conflict Occurs

Divorce Mediation

In divorce and separation, our mediation has a focus on protecting children by creating workable parenting plans which include housing, child support, visitation and custody. Division of Net Family Property includes restructuring debt, minimizing taxes and balancing liquidity between couples. Save money on divorce lawyers.

Elder Care Mediation

In Elder Care, we help maintain a delicate balance in transitioning roles and responsibilities. Assessing living situations, day-to-day activities and finding the best options for an elder person can be difficult for family members. Care providers and agencies have legal and legislative responsibilities in providing their services which can be compromised or challenged when conflict occurs.

Corporate Mediation

In corporate conflict, our aim is to provide management and employees with the skills and tools to proactively resolve internal and external conflict and change it into an opportunity for growth, innovation and success. Where necessary we mediate a resolution. How a company resolves issues is closely observed by the rest of the organization and its customers.

Why Choose PRM Mediation Mississauga?

  1. Neutral Third Party – PRM Mediation is a neutral third party who has the best interest of both parties at heart. We strategically chart a path to resolution with a plan that brings clarity to the issues and the role each party has in determining their own outcome. This eliminates the fear of the unknown and lack of control in the process.
  2. Calming Presence – PRM Mediation acts as the calm in the storm between two conflicting parties who are overwhelmed by emotion and are paralyzed and help them make empowered long term decisions.
  3. Strategic Plan – Understanding our clients’ needs and goals is central to helping them successfully resolve their conflict. PRM Mediation’s process sorts through the chaos and builds a structured plan that matches each client’s specific requirements for an optimal long-term outcome.
  4. Creative Solutions – PRM Mediation explores any and all reasonable options for settlement. Not available in a court environment, parties are actively engaged in identifying and developing these options.
  5. Cost Effective – PRM Mediation’s process reduces cost, time and stress while preserving dignity and respect throughout the process and going forward.

Facing conflict? Need to be heard? Avoid the cost and trauma of a legal battle. Call us for consultation, speaking engagement, mediation or conflict training.

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