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Mediation – More Amicable than Litigation with Lawyers

Build Trust – Expertise – Improved Communication – Minimize Costs – Win-Win

“Changing Conflict Into Opportunity™” is about making it a win-win for both parties whether it is reaching a settlement for your divorce and separation or a workplace conflict. By its nature the legal system is adversarial and often causes parties and their lawyers to become combative.

“95% of disputes even if high conflict can be resolved through mediation and do not have to be battled with divorce or corporate lawyers” says Mary Krauel, Owner and Senior Negotiator of PRM Mediation Oakville.

Our commitment at PRM Mediation is to help parties restore communication between them through our mediation process so that each party has a voice to express their needs and what is important to them while being open to compromise. The greatest benefit to a mediator is to hear and explore the underlying issues from both parties without the filtering by lawyers that would otherwise happen under the normal legal process or during litigation. Settlements that are derived by the parties themselves are less likely to be breached versus those that are imposed.

PRM Mediation Focuses on Areas Where the Highest Incidence of Conflict Occurs

Divorce Mediation

There are only two things in separation and divorce – money and kids. It may sound simple but it is overwhelming when decisions need to be made regarding division of assets, child support, spousal support, extraordinary expenses for children, consolidating debt, tax implications, buying selling homes and refinancing. Our mediation helps couples sort through the financials so that as parents they can then focus on doing what is in the best interests of the children. We guide parents in developing parenting plans which addresses housing, child support, visitation and custody. We specialize in helping high net worth couples and those with family businesses.

Elder Care Mediation

The greatest gift seniors can give themselves and their families is well thought out life planning decsions, made by them, that meet their needs and preferences on their timeline. At PRM Mediation we assist in transitioning and life planning decisions maintaining a delicate balance in transitioning to assisted care and retaining independence. In the absence of such plans we assist family members in conjunction with care providers and agencies to assess the future living situations, day-to-day activities, and medical care and finances finding the best options for an elder family member mitigating conflicts between family and care providers.

Corporate Mediation

Conflict if managed well is healthy for business. It creates an opportunity for growth, innovation and success.  We help management reduce the amount of time spent on conflict through training to develop skills and tools to proactively resolve internal and external conflict. PRM Mediation is able to help restore relationships or find an amicable end. Where necessary we mediate a resolution.

Why Choose PRM Mediation Oakville?

  1. Build Trust – The first step in the PRM Mediation process is getting to know our clients and building trust between clients. Parties can share their story within a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Without safety, fear persists and there is no trust that a fair outcome would be reached.
  2. Expertise – PRM Mediation owner, Mary Krauel CPA, CA, EMBA, brings over 25 years of business, mediation and negotiation experience to clients and her own life experience of separation and divorce. Trained in conflict resolution she provides personal coaching and conflict management training to help people develop life lasting skills to address conflict at work and at home.
  3. Improved Communication – PRM Mediation becomes the neutral communication channel between parties providing the means for issues to be addressed, solutions to be heard, and for flexibility and compromise to occur so that an optimal outcome can be reached. Conflict occurs when communication has broken down. Parties are able to make fact based decisions rather than emotional ones from a place of fear, anger, resentment or revenge.
  4. Win-Win – It is about finding the best way to determine how to resolve differences, and then creatively and collaboratively work together to create an outcome that is a win-win for both parties. Our goal is to help both parties maximize wealth and to own the agreement as they have been instrumental in its creation which leads to the highest probability of compliance to settlements.
  5. Minimize Costs – At PRM Mediation we lay out a mediation plan that minimizes cost and maximizes the benefit to both parties. A timeline is established with key milestones and deliverables that includes what parties themselves can do to control costs.

Facing conflict? Need to be heard? Avoid the cost and trauma of a legal battle. Call us for consultation, speaking engagement, mediation or conflict training.

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