Children and Divorce – Hugs & Kisses in a Bottle

Mary Krauel, owner and mediator of PRM Mediation just launched her first book on Amazon – Hugs & Kisses in a Bottle – The Best Christmas Gift Ever. Your 5-9 year-olds will love the unique and creative way they can make and give Christmas gifts to mom and dad especially after separation and divorce. We […]

Backtracking on Divorce Decisions

– written by Mary Krauel, published in Divorce Magazine Blog In this post I emphasize how divorcing spouses can be their own worst enemy through self-sabotage. Nothing can kill a settlement faster than reneging on terms agreed to during a mediation or settlement negotiation. Recanting Terms in Unsigned Divorce Settlements is a Perceived Breach It […]

Divorce Means You are No Longer a Married Couple

– written by Mary Krauel, published in Divorce Magazine Blog I was recently approved by Divorce Magazine as a Divorce Expert to provide guidance and advice to couples embarking upon their personal journey of divorce and separation. My first blog post addressed a very common challenge faced by couples who find letting go of their […]

Helping Children Cope with the “Death of Their Family”

written by Mary Krauel, published in Family TLC Magazine I grew up with the television series “Little House on the Prairie” where there was Ma, Pa, siblings, the dog Jack and a cosy home and although they faced challenges they were happy. But this family ideal is often not a reality today where almost 50% […]