How to Get a Separation Agreement Without Divorce Lawyers

Divorcing couples feel it is bad enough having to divide their net worth with their ex-spouse and so are reluctant to spend what they consider wasted money on divorce lawyers to help them reach a settlement. They see their future retirement assets being eroded and that Freedom 55 is looking more like Freedom 75. Do […]

When Your Business Co-owner is Getting a Divorce – A Sigh of Relief it’s Not You or….

Are you in the thick of your business partner’s divorce too? The short answer is yes. Not only are the other owners likely to be pulled into another owner’s divorce, but the company itself can become a named party in a future litigation if things get ugly between the divorcing couple. Most business owners have […]

Divorce and the Family Business – Part 3 – Key Success Factors of Working Together Post Divorce

Most business owners know not to bring personal issues to work, but how do you do that when your ex-spouse is your business partner, co-owner or employee? Although it does not happen often, divorced spouses have been able to continue operating a family business successfully together. How do they do it? Maintaining Mutual Respect and […]

Divorce and the Family Business – Part 2 – Who Stays and Who Goes?

Both parties are often emotionally as well as financially invested in the business. It may have also been a major part of their social lives as is found with franchise owners who develop a business and social community. Working together after divorce is an admirable goal, but it may not be realistic for many divorcing […]

Divorce and the Family Business – Part 1 – Close or Sell the Business?

In a three part series I will explore the options available to divorcing couples who have family businesses. Industry Canada’s definition of “small business” is firms that have fewer than 100 employees. Ninety-eight percent of businesses in Canada have fewer than 100 employees according to their Key Small Business Statistics report issued July 2012. This […]

Divorce and the Family Business – Is it mine or is it Ours?

The greatest shock many of my separating and divorcing couples experience is the reality that under the Family Law Act of Ontario, all property whether it is in your name solely, your spouse’s or in both your names is subject to division on yes –  a 50/50 basis just like the pensions, matrimonial home and […]

Helping Children Cope with the “Death of Their Family”

written by Mary Krauel, published in Family TLC Magazine I grew up with the television series “Little House on the Prairie” where there was Ma, Pa, siblings, the dog Jack and a cosy home and although they faced challenges they were happy. But this family ideal is often not a reality today where almost 50% […]

Mediate your way to a Better Divorce Settlement

Mediate your way to a Better Divorce Settlement: A Court Settlement Does Not Always Result in the Justice You Seek (Mississauga News, In Your Neighbourhood) Many people are surprised to learn there is an alternative choice to the traditional way of getting a divorce where each party hires a divorce lawyer and fights it out […]