When Your Business Co-owner is Getting a Divorce – A Sigh of Relief it’s Not You or….

Are you in the thick of your business partner’s divorce too? The short answer is yes. Not only are the other owners likely to be pulled into another owner’s divorce, but the company itself can become a named party in a future litigation if things get ugly between the divorcing couple. Most business owners have […]

Divorce and the Family Business – Part 3 – Key Success Factors of Working Together Post Divorce

Most business owners know not to bring personal issues to work, but how do you do that when your ex-spouse is your business partner, co-owner or employee? Although it does not happen often, divorced spouses have been able to continue operating a family business successfully together. How do they do it? Maintaining Mutual Respect and […]

When Empty Nests Become No Nests

– written by Mary Krauel, published in Go 55 Plus Magazine It used to be that couples faced the emotional separation of children as they left the nest with joy, anxiety and yes loss together.  But for the new-generation of empty-nesters, divorce is increasingly common. This “Grey Divorce” epidemic is reported to be the fastest […]