Mediate your way to a Better Divorce Settlement

Mediate your way to a Better Divorce Settlement: A Court Settlement Does Not Always Result in the Justice You Seek (Mississauga News, In Your Neighbourhood)

Many people are surprised to learn there is an alternative choice to the traditional way of getting a divorce where each party hires a divorce lawyer and fights it out in court. The choice is called divorce mediation and Mary Krauel, Owner and Senior Negotiator of PRM Mediation is an expert in the field.

“The traditional process of divorce can be daunting, expensive and stressful in terms of taking your case to court and having a divorce lawyer who speaks on your behalf,” says Mary. “People choose this thinking it is their only way to protect their rights and get justice. But going through the courts does not guarantee either. Family Law is not black and white and is subject to interpretation. The outcome is dependent on the ability of your lawyer to state your case and whether or not the judge believes and accepts the facts and how the judge may apply the law to it. Both parties have to engage a divorce lawyer and typically lawyers and judges are not concerned with trying to maximize wealth for both parties, nor do they offer a complete parenting plan. I can tell you from first-hand experience there is a better way.”

Folks who find themselves in court become financially and emotionally fatigued, often a tactic used, causing one party to “give up” on rights and entitlement just to end it. Or justice may have been imposed on parties but this often leads to non-compliance to those terms, landing folks back in court to enforce that justice. More cost. More stress. “You may have won the battle but lost the war, as the saying goes,” says Mary.

After going through her own painful divorce through the courts, Mary, who is a Chartered Public Accountant, went back to school and earned several diplomas in Conflict Resolution and Mediation before opening her own company. Mary specializes in mediating fair and just settlements with a goal of maximizing wealth for both parties while maintaining family relationships.

“We are changing the traditional ways people handle divorce by bringing both parties to the table and creating future-based, family-centred resolutions,” explains Mary. “We are giving the gift of choice to clients through mediation which brings resolution for you and your spouse. Mediation is taking accountability for your own decision and not hiding behind a divorce lawyer.” Mary has helped many couples come to a fair resolution on touchy subjects like child support and custody, parenting planning, the division of property and spousal support.

Mediation provides an environment for a healthy airing of diverse opinions so both sides feel they have been heard, while the goal is joint resolution which helps maintain family relationships and mitigates the risk on non-compliance. Clients are able to make their own decisions and move on with their lives.